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Mogadishu on Friday December 08, 2017 the #Somali #Media #Empire #SME is one of the biggest #Somalia & Africa media #platforms, & we are fearless to #investigate, #share & #expose #news & hidden contracts as well as illegally signed #foreign deals in #Somalia, #Africa & around the #world as world #media #outlets & other concerned international #agencies reports.
The #Somali #Media #Empire #SME was, is and will be the only media platform which represents the common interests of the Somali people for true information and news as it occurs or happens in Somalia and around the world..
The #Somali #Media #Empire #SME was found and invested by Somali tycoon Ambassador Dr. Badal W. Kariye (Warfa) who is internationally renowned author of 104 books, investigative journalist, security expert, investor and philanthropist.
The #Somali #Media #Empire #SME employs more 119 active journalists, 311 freelance journalists, renowned Somali politicians and eminent Somali scholars to write, share and expose information and news as well as working with other local and international media houses.
Due to lack of stability and security matters in Somalia, the #Somali #Media #Empire #SME would not publish or share the identities of investigative journalists in Mogadishu City, Somalia and around the world until stability and security matters in Somalia improve while Somalia’s Lower and Uppers Houses of Representatives will nominate and appoint the Somali Judiciary Commission, the Somali Anti-Corruption Agency and other vital public agencies in order to combat corruption and other local, regional and global crimes in Somalia and around the world.
In addition to that #Somali #Media #Empire #SME does not charge fees for any news and information production or advertisement until Somalia’s investment laws are all legally passed and approved by Somalia’s Lower and Uppers Houses of Representatives as well as other Semi-autonomous Parliaments in the Federal; Republic of Somali.
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Dr. Badal Kariye (Warfa)
Somali Media Empire (SME)
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Press Release

Mogadishu On Thursday August 03, 2017

#Somalia #Media #Empire (SME) will hire #new #journalists and teach how to become a good and outstanding journalists. #Somalia #Media #Empire (SME) is #Somalia’s most extreme news source, and we broadcast the truth to the people and in the Federal Republic of Somalia.

#Somalia #Media #Empire (SME) is currently hiring journalists from Hargeisa City, Garowe City, Bossasso City, Galkayo City, Balad-Hawo City, Kismayo City & Mogadishu City, and #Somalia #Media #Empire (SME) will hold examinations based on education and experience. #Somalia #Media #Empire (SME) will also start training journalism and applicable multimedia systems to the newly recruited journalists.

#Somalia #Media #Empire (SME) is founded and funded by Somalia’s Media Mogul and Internationally renowned Author of 104 books Ambassador Dr. Badal Kariye.

#Somalia #Media #Empire (SME) has no fear to report news as it happens and expose top corruptions including tax evasion, fraud, exploitation and crimes against humanity.

#Somalia #Media #Empire (SME) is not funded by political or external foreign entities including Non-governmental, governmental agencies or International NGOS.

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Somali Media Empire (SME)

Human resources & Management

Ogeysiis Muhiim ah oo ku socda Ummadad Somaaliyeed

Boqortooyadda Saxaafadda Soomaaliya/Boqortooyadda Warbaahinta Soomaaliya waxay Ummadda Soomaaliyeed ugu ogeysiinayaa inay tahay warbaahinta ugu weyn ee Afrika taasoo u ka shaqaysa danaha guud ee Ummadda gudaha dalka iyo dibaddaba.

Boqortooyadda Saxaafadda Soomaaliya/Boqortooyadda Warbaahinta Soomaaliya waa shirkad ku shaqaysa lacag la’aan taasoo ka shaqaynaysa inay Ummadda ka qabato shisheeyaha ku soo duulay dhaqankooda, Diintooda iyo kheyraadkooda Ilaahay ku mannaystay.

Annagu waxaan ixtiraamaynaa xoriyadda hadalka, saxaafadda, mana aqbalayno wax laaluush ah fadlan waxaa la joogaa wakhtigii aad joojin lahaydeen hub siinta iyo dhaqaalaha kuwa dembiilayaasha ah tan iyo 1991 ilaa iyo hadda.

Annaga waxaa si degdeg ah u soo tabbin doonaa dembiyadda ka geysanaysaan gudaha Soomaaliya iyo dibaddaba.

Wixii war iyo qoraallo xaqiiqada taabanaya fadlan noogu soo dir ciwaankan emailkeena:

Important Notice to Somalis

Somali Media Empire (SME) is the biggest media company in Africa which works and promotes free media outlet to serve the common interests of people locally, regionally and internationally.

Somali Media Empire (SME) is Media Company working voluntarily for the Somali people in order to stop invading foreigners who wants to mislead our culture, religion and natural resources.

We respect and adapt freedom of expression, media and we’re not working for bribes so, please it is the best time to stop arming and funding criminal entities in Somalia since 1991 until now.

We will soon report your crimes in Somalia and around the world.

Please send news and letters concerning the truth to our email address:

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On Thursday December 22, 2016 #Somalia’s Entrepreneurial Investor Ambassador Dr. Badal W. Kariye buys most of the Somalia’s Private Media Outlet Companies as the following: Somali Cable News, Horn Cable News, Horn Connect TV, Wargeyska Dalka, Somali Newspaper & Somali Media Empire (SME) $ 13.7 making him the extreme and absolute African Media Mogul in the Horn of Africa.

#Somalia’s Entrepreneurial Investor Ambassador Dr. Badal W. Kariye is now the official owner of the Somali Media Empire (SME) after buying all shares from shareholders, and he is one of the most influential media personalities in the world.

If you want to meet and ask for interviews, please don’t try to ask for simple questions about his successful investments and businesses.

We, the Somali Media Empire (SME) welcome our new Boss Ambassador Dr. Badal W. Kariye who is now officially the owner and the CEO of Somali Media Empire (SME).